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Hey I'm Max! A few years ago I should have died. My heart almost failed. Weeks later, RAab Stevenson (of Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, SZA, Chris Stapleton, Doja Cat) discovered my music and I was on a flight to L.A.

I went from being a broke kid working 80-100 hrs/wk for years living in my buddy’s apartment and making music - to giving up a life changing corporate offer just to risk it all again.


"Maxwell Aden, is the fresh new artist hailing from Atlanta, GA. Raised on Outkast, 2000’s boy bands, and Usher, he cut his teeth on 808’s that come naturally in his part of the world. This gives his music the ability to mix the kind of Platinum hooks that get stuck in millions of ears at once with the grit and immediacy of hip-hop, which makes for an unbeatable and commercial sound.

Influences can be heard of iconic Artists like Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Adam Levine, and Usher but Aden never imitates and the track proves his skills can compete with the very best in the game.

Broke, living in his buddy’s apartment recording demo’s in his bedroom, to a co-sign by industry Legend RAab Stevenson – coach and producer for Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Pharrell, Dave Mathews, more. – he is blowing up and those in the know expect Maxwell Aden to see a whole stadium full of smiles looking back at him in the near future."

-Mike O’Cull, 2021
It’s Comeback Season! When I saw the post for this grant I couldn't help but chuckle and smile. The timing of this couldn't be more ironic. December 2022 I sold out my first project, 1000 NFTs in 5 minutes. In April-May 2023, far beyond my control, I was rugged. Long story short after months of preparation, hard work, time, and money poured into my next project "Monte Carlo", a series of unfortunate events led me to losing ~$80,000 due to fraud and hacks. Hard earned cash, not daddy's money. Simultaneously the Music NFT bear market hit.

This was a devastating blow and set me back tremendously but nothing will stop me. Read the whole story here.

I’ve officially entered comeback season. Since July we have hosted over 80 spaces for the community, filmed hours of content for the crypto music culture, all while rebuilding Monte Carlo in the background and working on the major follow-up project tied to Monte Carlo - we dive into detail below. Meanwhile, in Web2 we have achieved a new high of nearly 10M streams across platforms and are working on a major Web2 music collaboration project.

This grant money would be the gasoline to the fire we've started and tended.

I hope you consider the thought and detail put into this submission and future plans (and past results) as an indicator of how I will diligently use the money. More importantly, thank you for your generosity and granting us artists’ with this opportunity.
The money will be used to reinvest in "Monte Carlo Reloaded." An update to the original Monte Carlo Project. The remaining funds and Monte Carlo sales will be used to continue creating my first Major Crypto Music PFP Project, "MAXI" (name tbd). All of my money has been invested into my career thus far so there is zero incentive to stop now. Especially since we’ve found the new frontier of crypto music.

First: Monte Carlo Reloaded.
Relaunching the Monte Carlo project with significant upgrades. NEW luxury fine art by a critically-acclaimed artist. NEW custom smart contract, by the dev behind multiple $1M+ mint outs. NEW Commercial IP licensing rights. A FREE NFT from the MAXI project and MORE. It's comeback season! Monte Carlo Reloaded will serve as the bedrock to MAXI - giving holders of Monte Carlo access to features uniquely available to this special community of tried and true fans.

Second: MAXI.
Imagine owning an NFT from your favorite artist 20 years ago that wasn’t just an album with tradable art and features but PFP Characters that could be played in your favorite Web3 video games. Think about playing as Travis Scott or Nicki Minaj characters in Fortnite EXCEPT owning, not renting, the asset as a fan and being able to transfer, load, and utilize the character (NFTs) across blockchain-based games and platforms. 

MAXI will be a first-of-its-kind major Music NFT project. Not only combining elements from the best Music PFP projects out there but also featuring 2 distinct, trailblazing elements: Song collaborations with top crypto music artists & interoperable PFP assets created by a AAA game studio artist.

We are building a house. An immersive world. And tethering key elements of the house together through various projects.
All while making music for the radio with blockchain ethos and technology at the heart!

Find a detailed breakdown for Use of Funds HERE.
I am grateful for my team who made this all possible. Without them it couldn’t be done. We look forward to continuing to

grow together and build on this and leveling up the future. Find the Team HERE.
What's Crypto Music?
Crypto Music (Web3 Music, Music NFTs) is the future of the music industry. The new economy is fan ownership.

Bringing sovereignty and provenance, into the hands of fans.
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Maxwell Aden
Maxwell Aden
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What is Comeback Season?
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Where Can I Find Use of Funds?
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What are Interoperable Assets?
Interoperability in the context of blockchain gaming is the ability to seamlessly transfer digital assets between different games or platforms. Read more here.
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Where can I find your team?
AGE: 29
Location: Atlanta, GA