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MONTE CARLO is about that best time of your life.

That current state of it. That unforgettable memory of it. That dream of it that you will create.

And saying peace to anything or anyone that is against it. The Monte Carlo lifestyle.
Woke up, it wasn’t dream, 2 days ago heart surgery saved my life.

I take out my phone, start listening to beats - every second matters more than ever. Laying in the hospital bed my voice pours out a melody straight into my voice memos. 

My thoughts and heart, certain and grateful – all I could feel, all I could think about, was this vision of being in a different place – knowing and seeing the life I would live while in the pain of my current physical state. 

I’ll never take it for granted and I’ll never fucking stop.
What is the supply?
321 NFTs
  • 11 will be minted & reserved for family, friends, team.
When is the mint date?
WL Pre-Sale: Wednesday, April 19th @ 1pm EST
Public Mint: Coming Soon
What is the mint price?
Pre-sale: 0.045 ETH
Public sale: 0.05 ETH

*Mintplex, a third party provider charges a 0.000777 ETH fee. Maxwell Aden has zero fees in the pricing.